Monday, 13 June 2011

Nails Of The Day

After reading Gem Fatale's Scotch Tape Nail Art post I was inspired to start experimenting! So I got myself some scotch tape and off I went.

After attempt number one, I decided it was best to leave the base colour to dry for at least a couple of hours (I'm really impatient) as otherwise it just peels off with the scotch tape. Not a good look.

So this is my attempt at the colour blocking trend!

The orange is Accessorize's Coral Flair and the pink is Rimmel 60 Seconds in Shocker.

I like it! It's bright and bold and makes my nails look much longer than they really are. More experimenting to come!

Jenni x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Garra Orba - Fishy Pedicure at Superdrug!


Well Tuesday was my 23rd birthday (boohoo, I don't want to be old.) and my lovely friend Jess had the day off work so we decided to do something fun. I don't know if sticking your feet into a tank of fish is a lot of people's idea of fun but it so was!

The Orba Garra Spa is a recent addition to my local Superdrug so we popped into little old Epsom to try it out.

First, our feet were washed to make sure no nasties were fed to the fish. Then in went our feet! At this point we had an audience of about 15 as Jess screamed for about thirty seconds. 

It does feel really strange at first but after a minute or two it starts to feel like tiny little vibrations all over your feet. It made me quite sleepy!

After 20 mins it was out with our feet and we had a lovely pedicure with some Barry M polishes to finish off.

It was a really fun experience, although probably not something I would rush to do again. It was slightly odd being in the back of a Superdrug as people come over and ask you what it's like. I don't mind this for the first couple of times but then you start to feel like you are on display to everyone in the store.

10 minutes of fish - £10
20 minutes of fish - £15
20 minutes of fish and a pedicure - £25

In other news... Here is my amazing birthday card from my sister! Who doesn't like a cat on a bike?

And my birthday Red Velvet cupcakes, yum yum!

Jenni xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Melissa Joy's Friday Review : L'Oreal Elnett Satin Diamond Hold And Shine Hairspray - Limited Edition Cheryl

just recently purchased this and from what I have used so far, I am not yet dissapointed!

A little goes a long way with this one, so a quick spray around the area will be enough. It lasts a reasonably long time and is easy to shape your hair after use. Just gently brush the area sprayed for shiny and soft hair :)

The packaging is cute and limited edition and the spray pump is easy to use. It's a great product size wise. Not only that, it's affordable at the price of just £3.56 for 200ml. I love it! ;)

Melissa Joy x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Melissa Joy's Birthday And A Shopping Trip To London!

It was Melissa Joy's birthday the other week and we decided to make the most of her spending money by heading up to the markets of London. Woo!

We started the day with pancakes, yum.

And then headed to Spitalfields. Melissa grabbed some bargains including a skull scarf that she specifically said she wanted before we had even left the house... Great find!

We then went on a little walk about (I did not get us lost...) and ended up finding another little market with some fab dresses and shirts. Total high street rip offs! We also saw some super cute wall art, so it was a good detour..

Eventually we needed food and ended up in the gorgeous Giraffe. Melissa is a veggie so she had a vegetable flatbread and I had an all out chicken and onion ring burger. Both were delicious!

And there is always time for ice cream!

This is what I brought home with me, I don't have any of Melissa's but she got some really gorgeous stuff. 

Jenni and Melissa Joy xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

A Project For My New Nephew

Hello! I haven't posted in aaaages :S but I have a few lined up now so I should be back on track. For anyone that didn't know; I have a nephew due in August, which is very exciting. I have been an aunty for the last 15 years but my youngest niece is 7 now so we haven't had any babies around for a while, and everyone loves baby cuddles!

So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to be productive and make Christopher a quilt for his arrival. I'm alright with a sewing machine so I figured it shouldn't be too challenging! I just want it to be perfect so I'm taking my time with it.

Here are pictures of the first stage, I planned the back pieces out on paper before cutting them out using a 21cm x 21cm paper pattern that I made out of grease proof paper. This meant 1cm for each seam allowance and I would end up with a metre square quilt. Perfect for a cot or to lay on the floor.

Here are all the squares laid out before I started sewing.

I sewed the squares together as strips, pressing the seams as I went and cutting any long threads to keep it looking neat.

Here are all the strips sewn together and pressed.

It was then ready to be sewn together. I was a little nervous doing this as I wanted to make sure all the squares matched up, but it came together perfectly! (I know I sew backwards)

The finished article. Really happy with it! I have some gorgeous backing material and some lovely thick wadding and am hoping to finish it off today so will have some more pictures for you later this week :)

Jenni xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Melissa Joy's Beauty Lust: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation; Thoroughly recommended by friends and adored by many online beauty gurus, I have wanted to try out this foundation for a while. Unfortunatly I have never had a chance to purchase it. This award winning product is said to leave your skin photogenic and flawless. The packaging is simple but professional, and the pump applicator; easy to use and efficient. 

At a reasonable price of £12.99 for 30ml, I am eager to try it out :) Have you tried it? Any helpful comments always welcome.

Melissa Joy x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Review - Salon Confidential Clip-in Hair Extensions

I loooooong for super-long locks. I had all of my hair cut really short this time last year and instantly regretted it. I'm in the inbetweeny stage of not quite short enough to be a bob and not quite long enough to put up and I hate it! So when i was given the chance to try these out I jumped at it. I came very close to having a full head extensions about 4 months ago but decided against it as
a) it would ruin my hair
b) I find other peoples hair attached to my head a little bit creepy
and c) I would need a second job to pay for the upkeep.
To be honest I have never really looked at synthetic hair as an option because I always thought it looked a bit cheap and nasty. However.. I was very impressed with these!

You can see from the pictures that my hair is a little dark for them, but the hair itself has a gorgeous loose wave and is slightly lighter at the ends. Obviously with them being synthetic you can't use any heat styling on them, but they're already beautifully styled.

They came with instructions on clipping them in and this was relatively easy to do myself. It took me a while to work out which piece was which though. The website also has a good video tutorial that I watched first.

I was really impressed by these. It has been a little hot to be wearing them all day recently, but with the weather cooling down I might have to do a Kate for the royal wedding!

You can find Salon Confidential hair extensions in flagship River Island stores and online here. £45 for a full head (and it is a lot of hair, I didn't need all of the 1 clip pieces) is great value.

Jenni x