Thursday, 9 June 2011

Melissa Joy's Birthday And A Shopping Trip To London!

It was Melissa Joy's birthday the other week and we decided to make the most of her spending money by heading up to the markets of London. Woo!

We started the day with pancakes, yum.

And then headed to Spitalfields. Melissa grabbed some bargains including a skull scarf that she specifically said she wanted before we had even left the house... Great find!

We then went on a little walk about (I did not get us lost...) and ended up finding another little market with some fab dresses and shirts. Total high street rip offs! We also saw some super cute wall art, so it was a good detour..

Eventually we needed food and ended up in the gorgeous Giraffe. Melissa is a veggie so she had a vegetable flatbread and I had an all out chicken and onion ring burger. Both were delicious!

And there is always time for ice cream!

This is what I brought home with me, I don't have any of Melissa's but she got some really gorgeous stuff. 

Jenni and Melissa Joy xx

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