About Us

After being submerged in the world of hair and beauty for a year whilst working with a lovely boutique beauty PR company, I decided to launch London Beauty Spot as a place to write about all things pretty (and some not so much!)

- Eyeshadow palettes
- Gucci Guilty
- Cake in all forms
- Pussy cats :3

Blue nail polish
Sniffers – just blow your nose!
Running for the train
Too much bronzer

Melissa Joy, London Beauty Spot’s Friday blogger
I’m a beauty obsessed teenager, always seeking new ideas and makeup products.

- Vintage Florals
- ‘Peter Pan’ style tops
- Cookie Dough ice-cream
- Rose coloured blush

- Cinema chair-kickers
- Denim skirts
- Foundation lines
- Anything too sparkly…

You can contact us at londonbeautyspot@gmail.com! x