Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Review - Salon Confidential Clip-in Hair Extensions

I loooooong for super-long locks. I had all of my hair cut really short this time last year and instantly regretted it. I'm in the inbetweeny stage of not quite short enough to be a bob and not quite long enough to put up and I hate it! So when i was given the chance to try these out I jumped at it. I came very close to having a full head extensions about 4 months ago but decided against it as
a) it would ruin my hair
b) I find other peoples hair attached to my head a little bit creepy
and c) I would need a second job to pay for the upkeep.
To be honest I have never really looked at synthetic hair as an option because I always thought it looked a bit cheap and nasty. However.. I was very impressed with these!

You can see from the pictures that my hair is a little dark for them, but the hair itself has a gorgeous loose wave and is slightly lighter at the ends. Obviously with them being synthetic you can't use any heat styling on them, but they're already beautifully styled.

They came with instructions on clipping them in and this was relatively easy to do myself. It took me a while to work out which piece was which though. The website also has a good video tutorial that I watched first.

I was really impressed by these. It has been a little hot to be wearing them all day recently, but with the weather cooling down I might have to do a Kate for the royal wedding!

You can find Salon Confidential hair extensions in flagship River Island stores and online here. £45 for a full head (and it is a lot of hair, I didn't need all of the 1 clip pieces) is great value.

Jenni x


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  2. I think I'm in the exact same boat as you! I cut my hair (relatively) short last summer, and I regretted it right away. I hated my hair for so long, and now its finally growing into a decent length again. In my own moment of desperation I too bought clip in extensions. But I've worn them mayyybe twice. I absolutely hate having them in. They match my hair perfectly but honestly, I hate the feeling of having them in. I just don't feel right. I'm glad you like yours though..its sucks to hate your hair!

    It might not mean much, but I really do think your hair cut is quite adorable- rock it girl!