Saturday, 11 June 2011

Garra Orba - Fishy Pedicure at Superdrug!


Well Tuesday was my 23rd birthday (boohoo, I don't want to be old.) and my lovely friend Jess had the day off work so we decided to do something fun. I don't know if sticking your feet into a tank of fish is a lot of people's idea of fun but it so was!

The Orba Garra Spa is a recent addition to my local Superdrug so we popped into little old Epsom to try it out.

First, our feet were washed to make sure no nasties were fed to the fish. Then in went our feet! At this point we had an audience of about 15 as Jess screamed for about thirty seconds. 

It does feel really strange at first but after a minute or two it starts to feel like tiny little vibrations all over your feet. It made me quite sleepy!

After 20 mins it was out with our feet and we had a lovely pedicure with some Barry M polishes to finish off.

It was a really fun experience, although probably not something I would rush to do again. It was slightly odd being in the back of a Superdrug as people come over and ask you what it's like. I don't mind this for the first couple of times but then you start to feel like you are on display to everyone in the store.

10 minutes of fish - £10
20 minutes of fish - £15
20 minutes of fish and a pedicure - £25

In other news... Here is my amazing birthday card from my sister! Who doesn't like a cat on a bike?

And my birthday Red Velvet cupcakes, yum yum!

Jenni xx

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  1. I had one of those pedicures on Thursday - it was brilliant!