Monday, 6 June 2011

A Project For My New Nephew

Hello! I haven't posted in aaaages :S but I have a few lined up now so I should be back on track. For anyone that didn't know; I have a nephew due in August, which is very exciting. I have been an aunty for the last 15 years but my youngest niece is 7 now so we haven't had any babies around for a while, and everyone loves baby cuddles!

So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to be productive and make Christopher a quilt for his arrival. I'm alright with a sewing machine so I figured it shouldn't be too challenging! I just want it to be perfect so I'm taking my time with it.

Here are pictures of the first stage, I planned the back pieces out on paper before cutting them out using a 21cm x 21cm paper pattern that I made out of grease proof paper. This meant 1cm for each seam allowance and I would end up with a metre square quilt. Perfect for a cot or to lay on the floor.

Here are all the squares laid out before I started sewing.

I sewed the squares together as strips, pressing the seams as I went and cutting any long threads to keep it looking neat.

Here are all the strips sewn together and pressed.

It was then ready to be sewn together. I was a little nervous doing this as I wanted to make sure all the squares matched up, but it came together perfectly! (I know I sew backwards)

The finished article. Really happy with it! I have some gorgeous backing material and some lovely thick wadding and am hoping to finish it off today so will have some more pictures for you later this week :)

Jenni xx

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