Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review - Avon Skin So Soft Age Defying Flawless Legs

The weather is ever so slightly warming up! Which means time to get the legs out.. Oh dear. I'm as white as a sheet anyway but after a long cold winter my legs pretty much glow in the dark. I wanted to wear a dress out on Friday night and couldn't find any nude tights; cue panic. Then I remembered that somewhere, lying untouched for the last six months, was one of my favourite Avon products. Flawless legs does exactly what it says on the tube, it's like foundation for legs!

It covers any blemishes and leaves my skin looking soft and smooth. I'm currently very pasty but the fair/medium shade still works well. It doesn't look like fake tan and is in no way orange. There is no way I would have bare legs without this! Love it.

Jenni x

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