Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beauty Lust: Eve Lom, Rescue Mask (50ml, £30)

I have read many things about this mask, all of which have been good. It is deep cleansing, clay based and made for congested skin (reason one why I need this). It absorbs excess oils, reduces puffiness and contains ground almonds to exfoliate all at the same time. Perfect for use the morning after the night before, when you’ve scrubbed off the eyeliner that has made it all the way onto your chin. In fact, their top tip for an eye area pick-me-up is to dilute with a little water and apply under the eye for five minutes before removing with a damp cotton wool pad.

Reason number two why I need this; it can be used as an emergency spot treatment. Camphor decongests skin whilst almond extract reduces redness.

Instyle rave about it and it is most definitely on my list of beauty products to try. The only thing putting me off is the £30 price tag; I just can’t bring myself to do it!

You can buy it in John Lewis or online here.
Jenni xx

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